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Low cost Hard Disk interface compatible with Atari ST family computers,
firmware is refined compared to original one;
and tested on a 520ST TOS 1.04, 1040STFM TOS 1.04, 1040STE TOS 1.06, 1040STE TOS 1.62 and 1040STE with TOS 2.06; with ok results.

Results: The unit works perfectly; such example loading the 3.5 MB size of current Metal Slug port takes around 12 seconds (aprox. 650 KB/s read and 400 KB/s write).
Tested against old SD cards, such 1 GB card; 4 GB SDHC and 8 GB SDHC. All these are detected and works correctly!

Operation video,


A video from the user PSIQ, many thanks!


Writing and reading from the hard disk interface:


On the last video, a game running from hard disk is shown; with "/" key, a savestate is created. After successful hard disk file writing, the game is closed pressing "*" key, and the STE system returns to desktop. A copy of the generated GS00.TOS file is created, renaming it to GS01.TOS; finally the game is resumed loading the copy of the savestate, GS01.TOS . All these operations are performed correctly.


Each unit is completely built and tested,
price is 33€ + tracked shipment (6€ for Spain or 9€ for Europe; 10€ for America, Canada, EE.UU. , 11€ for Japan , Australia and Alaska).

Lower cost and better SD card compatibility than any Satan disk, and much lower price than UltraSatan.
Its the Atari ST hard disk suitable for the masses,


An update, about tested micro SD card brands and types:

-Micro SD cards that work ok:

Sandisk de 1 GB
Kingston 8 GB class 4
Kingston 4 GB class 4
Intenso 8 GB class 4
Intenso 16 GB class 6
Intenso 4 GB class 10
Intenso 8 GB class 10
Kingston 16 GB class 10
Sandisk 16 GB class 6
Kingston 1 GB (tested by Shaoth)
Kingston 2 GB (tested by Shaoth)
Philips 64 GB UHS-1 A1 V10 Micro SDXC (tested by Shaoth)
Sandisk Extreme Plus 64 GB UHS-3 Micro SDXC (tested by Shaoth)
Samsung Evo Plus 128 GB UHS-3 Micro SDXC (tested by Shaoth)

-Micro SD cards that do not work:

Cloudisk 512 MB
No brand 4 GB
MediaRange 8 GB class 10
Sandisk 32 GB class 10 UHS 1 (most probably any UHS 1 will fail, due to these reject to operate in 1 bit mode)

Briefly, Sandisk, Kingston and Intenso are the preferred ones

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