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Re: Eiffel Tastenbelegung ...
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I know this topic has been dead for sometime, also I am sorry for posting english, but that is my only language.

I am trying to get a good set of table files for a US PS/2 keyboard.. specifically what I encounter wrong is the missing tilde/accent key to the left of the top row #1.

I know the atari code unshifted is 29 and that the ps/2 keyboard scan code is OE

SO I think my line I would like is; 

:29  /* offset + 0x0E <2> (`) ( at left key 1 ) */  this line used to have 5B as the atari code.. which I could not find, and therefore assume is the reason the key did not work.

Now in the Default set .. if I look at the SHIFT.inf  - all the codes are 00.. I am not sure I understand why that is?? I need the accent as the 29 and the ~ tilde as the shifted.  because I am using US TOS.. will it just know this??
Do I just have to flash the unshifted .inf  and thats all??



Edit -:I went ahead and did it. Changed the 5b to 29 loaded the unshifted.inf  All is working as it should.
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