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Zaku für Atari Lynx wird nochmal neu aufgelegt...

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Ich bekam gerade diesen Newsletter.

Hey, Atari Lynx fans!!

ZAKU is available! One. Last. Time. :)

If you weren't lucky enough to score a copy of this outrageous game before, we're giving you a third and final chance. 400 copies of Zaku will be produced, and then? *POOF* No more.

Have you heard? Zaku is a fun 'n' zany horizontal shooter for everyone's favorite handheld game system. It made a big, fat, whale-sized splash when we first released it back in 2009, and for many reasons: its huge and beautifully animated graphics, smooth controls, finger-snappin' tunes, ridiculous cast of characters and... well heck, there's no need for us to pile on the marketing spiel. It's a pretty good game. Check it out.

Zaku comes on a "curved lip" game card, complete with full-color label. An informative instruction manual printed in both English AND French is included, chock full of lots of cool artwork. These are housed in a full-color cardstock box. Yes!

So if you'd like to reserve a copy of ZAKU for yourself or someone you're enamored of, visit our website and go for it:


There's lots of neat screenshots and gameplay tips on our website, too.
So get informed before you buy. Or, just be impulsive. Whatever.


Super Fighter Team: Since 2004, we've been living our dream of producing new, high-quality games for classic game systems. With your support we've been able to launch nine successful commercial products, and release four games as free downloads. And we'll keep going for as long as we can.

Thank you for joining us on our adventure.


Super Fighter Team


"Never let dreams die!"

Auslieferung 2018, was für diesen Publisher wohl relativ normal sein soll.

Mail vom Super Fighter Team:
"The Penguin Bros., fiendish 5¼" floppy disk hoarders that they are, don't want Zaku to ship this month.

But, too bad. Because it will.

All pre-ordered copies of Zaku will soon be on their way to y'all, so you can take control of our heroine and, you know, like, beat those penguins up, and stuff. :-D"

Ich habe gerade nochmal nachgeschaut; meine Pre Order ist von 2016. krass ich hatte das schon total vergessen, freue mich deshalb umso mehr :-)

Ich mag' solche limitierten Sachen eigentlich nicht, aber bei Zaku (und zuvor bei Another World) hatte ich mich auf die Liste setzen lassen.


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