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Titel: Dritte CT60 Serie
Beitrag von: jens am Fr 04.02.2005, 00:07:56
Gerade eine Mail von Rodolphe bekommen.:


This is the name of the CT60 third production !

This CT63 will be a LOW COST version of the CT60 and I asked to the factory to give me a price without all components that can me removed on the board (not implemented).

The CT63 will be so :

- Price betwen 220 to 250 EUR with the 060 (full) : depending on the number of board that may be produced !
- no 060 socket : the 060 will be soldered (after tested) on the board (will get more space under the keyboard).
- heatsink will be stucked on the 060 and a fan will be fixed (plugged) on the heatsink (size of heatsink = 45*45 cms).
- the CPU & SDRAM clocked at 50 MHz instead of the 66MHz (OSC soldered (no socket) = can be unsoldered to try to boost).
- no boost of the motherboard (components not present = could be added by the user if he can find and solder them !).
- no temperature captor (it is a gadget because get more than 10 deg C of unprecision !).

This time I have 14 orders and I'd like to get 40 orders.

Let's go atarians ! It is your last chance to join the Falcon 060 world !

To confirm, please, send me an email if you want to buy between 220 et 250 EUR.
After we will see...

PS : $/EUR ratio is decreasing these days...good for some people...

Please spread this message on all atari user sites !