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Titel: Fire and Brimstone under work - pls. test
Beitrag von: Petari am So 16.12.2018, 14:25:35
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Lot of work was needed because really strange and overcomplicated floppy code and protection. It works now, there is option for unlimited lives, to save states, exit to Desktop. What is to do yet is to add code for second floppy - what usually needs to play until moment when it will ask inserting of floppy B (or 2) . I really have no time to play this days, so I ask to contribute.  Test is it working on your config - Min 1MB RAM, decent hard disk driver. Or even in some emulator.  Play until it asks for disk 2 (or close to it), then save gamestate - with sending (posting) it to me this will be finished sooner, and we can say that together we are stronger and feel better. It's for ya, folks. And is free.